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As Calgary's premier masters cross-country ski club, we specialize in helping you achieve tangible gains in your skiing technique, confidence, and general fitness.


  • 8 years of delivering outstanding experience and real success

  • Premium & highly customized programming (most comprehensive adult ski programs in Calgary)

  • Training based on National and Olympic training systems and strategies, run by the best high-performance coaches (ex-National Ski Team, Olympians, World Cup racers)

  • Inspiring you to be the best, and train with the best

  • Offering 3 levels: Competitive, Recreational, and Foundations (classic & skate)

If you are just getting into skiing, or skied your entire life, we welcome you to try out one of our groups before deciding if we’re a good fit for you. You will fit well with our group if you choose to commit to self-improvement, show up to workouts, and be respectful, accountable, fun, and brave.

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Being a 40+ "weekend warrior" I signed up to improve my classic and skating techniques, and generally just to learn how to move more efficiently. Joining Space Dogs was an opportunity to get feedback from top-level coaches, build up both my base level strength and ski-specific fitness, and participate in a consistent training program week after week. This combination allowed me to take a big leap forward in improving my skiing. As the coaches are all ex-pros, I was expecting it to be a fairly intense atmosphere. But they are all very relaxed, and it felt more like going for a ski with friends (albeit ones that are much better than you) It is a wonderful training group, and the program has a very welcoming atmosphere. Primarily it is about pushing yourself as much as you can, or want to, and having the right people there to provide guidance and support.

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