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  1. Best skier-to-coach ratio among adult ski programs in Calgary, allowing for highly individualized approach.

  2. Post-course summary of learnings.

  3. Weekly emails

  4. Complimentary skis waxing clinic

  5. Regular coach feedback on your progress

  6. Technique analysis. Expect to work on your technique at every session.

  7. Training includes: Skiing at Confederation Golf Course 1 night / week, for 4 wks of learning + 1 extra day as a weather back- up.


PRIVATE LESSONS arranged at your convenience:​​​​​

Please email Leah at to inquire.​


The same thing that has always been great about Spacedogs - the people. Yes, the training is top notch, but you get more out of it because you truly enjoy the people who are doing the training along with you. You are just more likely to come out to train and to push yourself if you believe in a supporting community around you.


Excellent and attentive coaching. Organized and well communicated weekly workouts.

Nice variety of workouts. Great community.

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