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Snow Capped Mountains

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The Foundations course cost $165, and it will take our students though all basics of skiing (classic or skate), including downhill confidence (how to fall in a safe manner, if you have to, how not to fall on downhills, how to turn, navigate beginner and intermediate ski terrain, how to ski uphill and traverse the flats as gracefully as possible).


We guarantee that you will learn LOTS, even if you have skied for decades, and are self-taught. If you want to discuss course suitability, please email Leah at or call Dasha at (403) 679-1699.

Program includes: Skiing at Confederation Golf Course 1 night / week, for 4 weeks of learning + 1 extra day as a weather back- up, if we have to cancel due to very cold weather (below -20C incl. wind-chill), or lack of good snow.

Best skier-to-coach ratio among adult ski programs in Calgary, allowing for highly individualized approach

If 4-week Foundations course is not for you, perhaps you might want to consider a private lesson.

To book a private ski lesson, please email to let Eric know what days and times you are available (provide 2-3 options please). Lessons are offered in Calgary (Confederation Golf Course), or elsewhere, snow-depending. Rates for a 1hr15min lesson:

$100 / lesson for a 1-on-1

$110 / lesson for 2 skiers to 1 coach

$120 / lesson for 3 skiers to 1 coach

Please email with your inquiry for larger groups.


The same thing that has always been great about Spacedogs - the people. Yes, the training is top notch, but you get more out of it because you truly enjoy the people who are doing the training along with you. You are just more likely to come out to train and to push yourself if you believe in a supporting community around you.


Excellent and attentive coaching. Organized and well communicated weekly workouts.

Nice variety of workouts. Great community.

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