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Summer 2023

winter registration opens
Oct 1st
Snow Capped Mountains

Summer Training

Summer training starts in May and goes until the end of August. During summer, our goal is to complement your summer activities with carefully planned ski-specific strength, ski walking and optional rollerski training (rollerskis available to borrow for the season). Our head coach builds personalized training plans that take into account our skiers' personal goals, training preferences and other activities they want to incorporate into their overall workout plan. This way, everything they do works together, to help them achieve their fitness and health goals, and help reduce injuries. We want our skiers to understand the big picture of their workouts, and train with a greater purpose of overall improvement, over time.


Summer schedule example:

Monday 6:30-7:30pm - rollerski technique work with Rory, classic or skate, various locations across Calgary.

Tuesday & Thursday - workout on your own, as per personal plan

Wednesday 6:00-7:30pm - team strength at our own outdoor gym in the Sunnyside area, private backyard, close to downtown

Friday - on your own

Saturday - volume day in the mountains - could be a rollerski, hike or ski walking

Sunday - off or as per personal plan


The purpose of summer training is to build a stronger body (and mind!). Our strength focus is injury prevention, core strength, balance, explosiveness and ski-specific strength. Rollerskiing is focused on getting folks ahead technically, before winter even starts. The holistic training plan is focused on building a higher level of endurance, self-awareness, and to make sure that all sports our skiers do in summer months work together, in complement. We charge $200 / month for summer training (until the end of August).


If you have any questions - please do reach out to Dasha! (403) 679-1699 or


We do offer 2 complimentary workouts to anyone who is interested in trying us out. It's important that you understand what you're signing up for, and that we understand your fitness goals and needs before you commit to the program.

Hope to chat with you soon and to see you at one of our workouts! 

winter registration opens
Oct 1st


The same thing that has always been great about Spacedogs - the people. Yes, the training is top notch, but you get more out of it because you truly enjoy the people who are doing the training along with you. You are just more likely to come out to train and to push yourself if you believe in a supporting community around you.


Excellent and attentive coaching. Organized and well communicated weekly workouts.

Nice variety of workouts. Great community.

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