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Snow Capped Mountains

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The Foundations course will take our students though all basics of skiing (classic or skate), including downhill confidence (how to fall in a safe manner, if you have to, how not to fall on downhills, how to turn, navigate beginner and intermediate ski terrain, how to ski uphill and traverse the flats as gracefully as possible). This course is suited best for anyone who is just taking up cross-country skiing, or who has skied all their life but never had any formal instruction.


We guarantee that you will learn LOTS, even if you have skied for decades, and are self-taught. If you want to discuss course suitability, please email Dasha at or even better- please give her a call at (403) 679-1699.

Foundations lessons are a 4-lesson series, offered once per week, with a back up lesson on a 5th week, in case if we have to cancel one of the lessons due to very cold weather (below -18C incl. windchill), or lack of good snow.

  1. Best skier-to-coach ratio among adult ski programs in Calgary, allowing for highly individualized approach

  2. Post-course summary of learnings and personalized improvement advice emailed to you

  3. Weekly emails

  4. Complimentary skis waxing clinic (date TBD)

  5. Regular coach feedback on your progress

  6. Technique analysis. Expect to work on your technique at every session.

  7. Program includes: Skiing at Confederation Golf Course 1 night / week, for 4 weeks of learning + 1 extra day as a weather back- up.

If 4-week Foundations course is not for you, perhaps you might want to consider a private lesson.

To book a private ski lesson, please email to let Eric know what days and times you are available (provide 2-3 options please). Lessons are offered in Calgary (Confederation Golf Course), or elsewhere, snow-depending. Rates for a 1hr15min lesson:

$90 / lesson for a 1-on-1

$100 / lesson for 2 skiers to 1 coach

$110 / lesson for 3 skiers to 1 coach

Please email with your inquiry for larger groups.

Competitive Group 


Weekly roller skis (club rollerskis available to borrow) and strength workouts in an outdoor backyard gym, long distance volume and Type 2 fun*! The competitive team trains multiple times a week year round, each member of the team will receive a personalized training plan in TrainingPeaks, based on their fitness and race goals.


Coaches: Head coach Andy, Aaron, Drea, and Alex. All coaches have raced at the international level (World Championships, World Cups, World Loppets, etc.) and have extensive master skier coaching background.


You are a good fit for the competitive program if you:


  • Are competitive in nature

  • Think that skiing 15km+ in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park is a fun way to spend a Sat. morning

  • Can Skate Ski, 1-Skate, 2-Skate, offset (or willing to learn)

  • Can Run/hike/bike for an extended period of time (2hrs+)

  • Have time available to train 3 or more times per week (weekday evenings & weekends) and to follow your personal training plan

  • Want to become faster, stronger and fitter, and willing to work for it


Recreational Group 1 


2-3 weekly group skiing workouts, including strength training and ski walking in late fall as we wait for the snow. This group skis together from mid-November to mid-March. Goals include improving Skate and Classic ski technique and building endurance (progressively longer distances and more challenging terrain through the season). Coached by Gary, Thomas, Eric and Karen.


You are a good fit for the Rec-1 program if you:


  • Think that a 10km-15km morning ski in West Bragg is a perfect Saturday plan.

  • Have time available to ski 2+ times per week (weekday evenings & weekends) and to ski or workout more during the week on your own

  • Want to be good enough to pass most people on the ski trails

  • Can Classic Ski, diagonal stride & double pole

  • Can Skate Ski, 1-Skate, 2-Skate, offset (or willing to learn)

  • Can Run/hike/bike for an extended period of time (2hrs+)


Recreational Group 2 


The group is perfect for you if you would like to learn how to ski better or if you skied many many years ago and would like to get back into it. You will go back to the building blocks of gliding, balance, safely getting up and down hills and how to get up when you fall over, it happens to everybody! You will also have an opportunity to learn how to skate ski, or work on your skate skiing skills. The social aspect runs strong in this group. You will build fitness through the winter, but having fun, getting outside, and growing your skillset technically are just as important as becoming a more confident and graceful skier.


This group is coached by Thomas, Karen & Dasha


You are a good fit for the Rec-1 program if you:


  • Can Classic Ski, diagonal stride & double pole 

  • Can ski 7km+ on intermediate-level trails (Kananaskis, West Bragg, Banff Natl Park)

  • Available to ski with a group on Wed. nights and / or on Saturdays (or occasional Sun) mornings

  • You want to build your skiing consistency, and ski with the group on a regular basis.

Foundations Lessons 4 week course


The Foundations lessons run as a 4-week module, with 1 x week lessons. During this time you will learn (or re-learn) all the foundations of cross country skiing. If you’ve never skied before then LEVEL-1 is perfect for you. There is no experience required to do these lessons, just a willingness to learn new things and have lots of fun! 


If you have skied before or enjoy other sports such as downhill skiing, snowshoeing, or ice skating, or you are generally fit and active, then LEVEL-2 is for you. In LEVEL 2, you will work on building confidence in gliding across the snow on cross-country skis, on safely descending the downhills, navigating the uphills and generally work on the technique. Coached by Eric.


The same thing that has always been great about Spacedogs - the people. Yes, the training is top notch, but you get more out of it because you truly enjoy the people who are doing the training along with you. You are just more likely to come out to train and to push yourself if you believe in a supporting community around you.


Excellent and attentive coaching. Organized and well communicated weekly workouts.

Nice variety of workouts. Great community.

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