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Our story

Space Dogs Ski Club might never launch into space, but we share the same audacity to push our limits (and have a lot of fun) in cross-country skiing.


Since 2014, Space Dogs training group has been coached by a Russian-born Canadian, 2-time Olympic ski racer, and 10 year World Cup veteran, who relies on her knowledge of high performance training and racing when designing the training programs for the group. Just like the Russian scientists of the 1950’s would send the tough and well trained dogs into space, our high-performance training has prepared this ambitious group of skiers to reach their personal bests.

Since then, the program has grown quite a bit, and we are fortunate to have several experienced, passionate, high-performance coaches to work with our club.

Our small masters training group is based out of Calgary. You can find us skiing on a regular basis in the Rocky Mountains and sometimes on awesome ski trips that involve glaciers, helicopters, brand new gear testing, and Euro loppet racing.

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