As Calgary's premier masters cross-country ski club, we specialize in helping you achieve tangible gains in your skiing technique, confidence, and general fitness.


  • 8 years of delivering outstanding experience and real success

  • Premium & highly customized programming (most comprehensive adult ski programs in Calgary)

  • Training based on National and Olympic training systems and strategies, run by the best high-performance coaches (ex-National Ski Team, Olympians, World Cup racers)

  • Inspiring you to be the best, and train with the best

  • Offering 3 levels: Competitive, Recreational, and Foundations (classic & skate)

If you are just getting into skiing, or skied your entire life, we welcome you to try out one of our groups before deciding if we’re a good fit for you. You will fit well with our group if you choose to commit to self-improvement, show up to workouts, and be respectful, accountable, fun, and brave.

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Being a 40+ "weekend warrior" I signed up to improve my classic and skating techniques, and generally just to learn how to move more efficiently. Joining Space Dogs was an opportunity to get feedback from top-level coaches, build up both my base level strength and ski-specific fitness, and participate in a consistent training program week after week. This combination allowed me to take a big leap forward in improving my skiing. As the coaches are all ex-pros, I was expecting it to be a fairly intense atmosphere. But they are all very relaxed, and it felt more like going for a ski with friends (albeit ones that are much better than you) It is a wonderful training group, and the program has a very welcoming atmosphere. Primarily it is about pushing yourself as much as you can, or want to, and having the right people there to provide guidance and support.


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Karen Bio 

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Aaron Gillmor

Andy Pohl

Currently ½ way through his Ph.D. in Biomechanics at the UofC Faculty of Kinesiology, Andy has raced for 9 years on the NZ National Cross-Country Ski Team. He raced in 2 World Championships, and multiple World Cups and was awarded the title of NZ Cross Country Skier of the year 3 times. Andy spent many Northern Hemisphere summers working back home in NZ as a Coach and eventually the GM at Snow Farm NZ.  Apart from enjoying 11 years of continuous winter, Andy got to work with many adult athletes, helping them towards their goals on and off snow.  After retiring from XC racing Andy moved into an analyst role with the NZ Knowledge for Rio and later the Knowledge for Tokyo team working towards optimising learning and performance for New Zealand’s top tier Olympic athletes, coaches and support staff.


Drea Dupont

Drea’s path to high performance sport was quite different than most. It wasn’t until her final year of MSc, while racing World University Games in Italy (completely out of shape), that Drea decided to chase her dream of representing Canada on the world stage. And so, despite being told that she started training too late, Drea has raced and trained herself into one of Canada’s top female cross-country skiers (Racing at World Championships and World Cups around the World). It has not been an easy path, as anyone who tries to do anything outside of the norm can attest. In the process, Drea have learned an incredible amount from sport, and she loves passing on what she has learned in training, nutrition, and life balance. Drea lives in Canmore and when not coaching or skiing for fun, she works as the CEO of Buff Canada.

Leah Reitz 

Leah started coaching the Jackrabbit programs at her home club, after realizing she had a passion for coaching, she then moved to coaching the Track Attack and Development Racing Team program where she was lead coach for a season.

She is actively taking the NCCP L2T- on snow coaching course, she has also completed her CANSI level 1 course.

Leah started competing at 16 and is currently training and racing with the Rocky Mountain Racers Ski Team. 

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Eric Boiral

Eric has coached for over 3 decades, starting with his formal coaching certification "Brevet d'état 1er degré ski de fond", when he was working with ESF (Ecole de ski Français). This is considered the highest coaching certification and requires 4yrs of studies, equivalent to CANSI level 4 in Canada.

Since then, Eric has coached hundreds of kids and adults both in France and in Canada. He is very proud to have coached multiple kids, who later went on to race with the National Ski Teams in Canada and also in France. We love the passion and deep knowledge of sport that Eric brings to his teaching.

Gary Chambers

Gary is a passionate weekend warrior in all endurance sports with over 20 years experience as a CANSI Level IV XC instructor, accomplished mountain bike racer. Formally educated with a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education from University of Alberta , AFLCA Strength & Conditioning and Group Instruction accreditation, CANSI IV Instructor and course conductor. Gary also hosts the FitFarmer podcast sharing his passion for health and wellness on Real Ag Radio. Gary is excited to share his passion for smooth technique and high performance living with the Space Dogs Ski program.  


Gary started his Nordic instruction path at the Strathcona Wilderness Center & Auscan International Ski School in Edmonton and later moved to Trail Sports at the Canmore Nordic Center.  Gary has most recently coached for XC SuperCamps at SilverStar Resort and Bragg Creek XC Masters.  Gary has been selected to represent Canadian Nordic instructors for INTERSKI in Lahti, Finland March 2023.

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Alex Stukator

Alex Bio

Dasha Atkins

Founder of Space Dogs ski club, Dasha was a National Ski Team Athlete for >10years and raced her way to 7th at Vancouver 2010 Olympics and 10th at Sochi Olympics 2014. Passionate about sharing her extensive knowledge and joy for skiing, Dasha enjoys teaching adult skiers of all levels and abilities, inspiring many to reach and surpass their personal achievement goals. When not skiing, Dasha works as a broker and financial planner in investing / wealth management industry.


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